Ok, lets face it, you’ll be left behind and out if you haven’t have a Termite Baiting System Installed. But how would you choose which one is better than the other? Let’s sum it up by degree of flaw and its effects starting from the worst to the less worst (in my opinion). Let’s focus our attention to the In Ground Stations since it’s it’s claim of Intercepting termites foraging in the ground that makes it more marketable.
1. Sentricon Colony Elimination System– In Ground stations made of a hollow cylindrical plastic tube about 2 inches in diameter with slots on its side to supposedly be the entry point of termites and so are  ants, crickets, centipedes and other tiny insects. The hollow center is being used as the cradle of wooden baits. Since it is hollow, it also invites other insects mostly ants into its cavity. When ants are there, would you expect termites to enter? Definitely not!
Sentricon In Ground
2. Exterra Termite Interception & Baiting System– The In Ground station consists of a hollow body with perforations on the sides and bottom to allow termite entry, an opening opposite the bottom, and a removable, tamper-resistant cover that is affixed over the opening. The station has a volume of 1.3 liters.  Termites are intercepted in the inground stations by timber interceptors that are placed inside the inground stations.  Six timber interceptors made of Australian Eucalyptus regnans are positioned around the edge of the station.  The interceptors provide a food source for termites that establishes termite activity within the station.  Perforations along the sides of the station allow termites to enter and feed on the interceptors. Again, the perforations on the sides will also allow the entry of other insects especially ants.  
Once when I was a marketeer of Exterra, I have witnessed that even when placed near mounds (about 1 foot from the mound), termites do not readily enter the station..
Exterra In Ground 
Now, I have found two (2) Termite Baiting system that minimizes the flaws of the 2 common TBS shown above, well for a certain point.  It prevents ants from entering the station thereby increasing the chances that termites will find the baits in the station.
3. Xterm Termite Baiting System- while it is also made of a hollow tube, the wood bait is solid almost the diameter of the In Ground Station itself plus it has a special compartment on the cap for the placement of ant baits, doubling its function as both ant & termite bait.
The compartment in the cap for the placement of ant baits.
Xterm Termite Baiting System In Ground Station
4. Green Termite Baits-impenetrable by ants or other insects. Made entirely of solid wood block and being implanted directly to the ground.  Can be treated by almost all known termiticides including the latest Insect Growth Regulators. Easy to inspect with its EC2C window. Mud on both window signals termite presence. Less disturbance to termites thus less chances of termites backing out and abandoning the station.

mud on windows indicates termite activity
That’s it folks! You choose whats the best. There are other Termite Baiting systems available but all shares the same characteristics as the first two mentioned  at the beginning of this blog. If I may choose, and I definitely recommend the last two, the Xterm Termite Baiting and the Green Termite Baits.


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