Guide in choosing a pest control company

You have found out that your house is infested with termites, or you have probably heard your daughter screaming and running away when she saw cockroaches or you have discovered that your electricity supply was halted by rats that chewed on the wires that supplies the current to your outlets or worst case scenario, smoke was seen from the fusebox and some explosions were heard and fire alarms went off. These are all reasons to hire a Pest control company nearby………….but how do you choose the right one?

Ask about the Technician’s Competency and Training Certificate and License

The SERVICE TECHNICIAN is the individual who does the actual pest control work. The quality of the control of pests depends to a large degree on the training the technician has received and the professionalism of the technician on the job.

Most Pest Control companies offer services and boasts of their market share. Are the Service technicians well trained? Some companies train their technician by just letting them go and put them to work. A good technician must be able to correctly identify the specific pest from the rest. Technician’s must have undergone training from the authorities in Pest Management such as the National Committee on Urban Pest Control (NCUPC). They must undergo competency training covering the Biology of Insect-Pest, Identification of Household, Structural and Stored products Pest, Proper usage of pest control equipment’s and most important of all is the Safe handling of Pesticides. Sad to say, most companies don’t have a Professionally trained and Licensed Technician. Only the owner of the Pest control company is licensed and not the Technician. They would just say “Technician’s are under the direct supervision of a licensed PCO. We’ll have you seen the licensed owner go with their Technician’s during their routine job and supervise them? If the Pest control guy tells you they are licensed, ask them to show you their license and or certification. If they can’t show it then probably you have to look for another company.

Don’t trust that the pest control technicians are licensed simply because they tell you they are. It is best to do your own research on this matter. Ask the company you are interviewing for their license numbers, and then verify them with the organization that gave the certifications. Remember, pest control licensing regulations vary. For more information on where to check the licenses for your particular area, you can call the Nat’l Committee on Urban Pest Control at (02) 484-0208.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all certificates and licenses are created equal. Agricultural Pest is different from Urban Pest. Research each license and certification individually, and feel free to call the licensing agency to ask them about their requirements. Below are some questions you may want to ask when researching a license or certification for a company you are interviewing:

1. Is this license or certification obtained by simply paying a fee?

2. Does this certification require a certain number of hours of practice or education to earn?

3. Does the contractor have to do anything in order to maintain this license or certification?

4. How often does this license or certification expire?

Do they own a website? Check Their Online Reputation

Though every company will advertise that they are honest, dependable, and affordable, the reality is that there are many businesses that have none of those qualities whatsoever. Sometimes a company will attempt to advertise their experience by talking about how long they’ve been in business. Just because a company has been in business for 80 years doesn’t mean they actually know how to get rid of your pests! Thanks to instant results on Google and Yahoo, it can be really easy to find out a company’s online reputation quickly – if they even have one, that is. Online reviews, ratings, and rankings can help you find a company that backs up their promised value with actual value. For a quick search on Google just type Pest Control(area). Example if you are in Iloilo City just type “Pest Control Iloilo” or “Pest Control Bacolod” and so on and so forth. Check all those listed and call them for an appointment.

Know The Company’s Employee.Take Advantage of the Free Inspection

Most pest control companies will offer you a free inspection of your property so that they can give you a quote for services. Take advantage of this free inspection to see what kind of employees the company hires. A good pest control agent will be able to effectively communicate what is going on in your home, what you can do to help prevent that from happening, and be able to answer any questions you may have, does not say bad things about competitors and are professional in every aspect. If you don’t get that level of service from the employee, then that might not be the best company for you. Do You Need to Get Rid of Some Pests? Despite our best efforts, we can get pests in our homes that can bite, sting, and even leave disease. That’s why it is so important to make sure that we get those pests out of our homes as soon as possible! This can easily be done when you hire a good pest control company. Use these ideas today to evaluate your own local options so that you get the pests eradicated for a fair price! You might as well consider hiring a Pest Control consultant before hiring a Pest control company to ensure you get what you pay. You can call my attention at 0919-3810710.

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With 18 years of extensive experience in the pest control industry, Pest Expert Online offers a wide range of independent consulting services, from commercial property inspections, pest management solutions and consulting/training to pest control providers, home owners and establishment owners alike Lets Talk! Call me at 0999-406-4519 If you have an existing commercial pest control service call me . You may be paying too much If you have already signed a contract with a Pest control company and a schedule is on, call me! . I will supervise the job so you are assured that you get what you are paying for If you require an independent audit on your commercial property call me! . I will provide you with a detailed report and recommendations. If you need commercial pest control and don't know who to call, call me . I will inspect your property and arrange for quotations from some of the top pest control companies. If you are a pest control company needing independent consulting or training call me . If you are an establishment owner and you need to train your staff on Pest Management, call me . I will teach them.

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