Of Cockroaches, Ants and Frogs on Termite Bait Stations

     Since I started on experimenting on the proper placement and spacing of termite interceptors around a given perimeter and check on the results I used to see ants, earthworms, crickets, cockroaches and occasionally, frogs on an installed In ground termite interceptor.

     When digging the earth to install these termite baits, I see to it that the soil is compacted thoroughly when the interceptors are in place. Surprisingly, these little creatures still find themselves onto the shelter of the embedded termite interceptor.  It is a known fact that termites will avoid the termite traps/interceptor/bait when there is “someone” already in there, especially ants of which is the mortal enemy of termites.

     While it is supposed to intercept/attract termites, it seems it is the other way around. How did these creatures enter those interceptors?



Snapshots of ” Interceptors with cockroach, ants and frog”


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