Termite Baiting, are they really effective?

     At some point, termite baiting is good since it is proactive, contains less toxic element, easy to install and is being checked from time to time for evidence of termite infiltration.
     Did it ever crossed our mind that it is the frequent inspection done that helps the job done? It’s what we are paying for, the inspections.
     By theory, termite bait will intercept foraging termites which might come near the installed interceptors. What if it bypasses the interceptors which is evenly placed at 3-8 meters interval? Termites are blind and they just rely on random search for food sources. Factors such as readily available cellulose in between and midway of interceptors, decaying wood, fallen timber and dried grass can easily attract termites and leave the installed interceptor empty for long periods. Termites might even find your home easily than those interceptors. 
      Termite baiting system employs the use of cellulose containing materials to supposedly attract “blind” termites. Depending on the Termite Baiting system you are offered into by your Pest Management Professional, some contains softwoods, paper, cardboards and other materials which are all by products of wood and contains cellulose. And your home has it all, much more in quantity than those placed in  interceptors.

     Results for termite baiting systems are encouraging but more studies should be conducted before we can conclude on its efficacy. Some areas contains multiple  colonies and should be inspected more often to deter infestations coming into your homes.

     Again, it is the frequent inspections that is crucial, not the system. Homeowners think that the system works once it is installed. No, it is the other way around. For it to work, someone must inspect it regularly.
Inspect your home and its surrounding more frequent, shoot some over the counter chemicals if you found infestations and save thousands.  If you cannot do it yourself, comes the hiring of Pest Control providers. Remember it is the frequency of  inspection that matters not the expensive system offered.

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