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With 18 years of extensive experience in the pest control industry, Pest Expert Online offers a wide range of independent consulting services, from commercial property inspections, pest management solutions and consulting/training to pest control providers, home owners and establishment owners alike Lets Talk! Call me at 0999-406-4519 If you have an existing commercial pest control service call me . You may be paying too much If you have already signed a contract with a Pest control company and a schedule is on, call me! . I will supervise the job so you are assured that you get what you are paying for If you require an independent audit on your commercial property call me! . I will provide you with a detailed report and recommendations. If you need commercial pest control and don't know who to call, call me . I will inspect your property and arrange for quotations from some of the top pest control companies. If you are a pest control company needing independent consulting or training call me . If you are an establishment owner and you need to train your staff on Pest Management, call me . I will teach them.

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